Switched at Birth and other swaps of different natures

This week’s Switched at Birth was packed with more drama than usual. I have to commend the writers for never lingering for too long on a topic without revealing it, an that’s why I would like to start with getting out of the car and going into Sharee’s house. Turns out the girl has really had it tough, no wonder she is a “problem kid” as Emmett’s mom kindly put it a few episodes back. So, Sharee’s mom is mentally ill, even more so, she is a danger to herself and her daughter is doing her best to keep that from happening. Daphne and Regina’s worried looks were kinda heartbreaking. One thing I don’t understand, though, and has always deeply bothered me in all and every TV series ever – why won’t you ask for help? It doesn’t make you weak, it doesn’t make you look stupid, it can only do you good. Anyway, I suspect that we will soon have a reason for this, too.

Moving on to the most undesirable wedding in the history of television, alright, marriage. Toby and Nikki. Hah, it still seems so ridiculous, I believe I am not the only one who thinks so. The conversations between John and Toby are priceless! “You need to talk to your wife.” Had me laughing under the table. So, here comes the thing that might maybe, just maybe, be the end of this monstrosity of a marriage. (All pray Nikki stays in Peru and Toby gets so angry that he asks for annulment and finally sees how stupid that whole debacle was!) 

And Nikki’s lovely mommy. You can all hear the irony here, right? Right? Good. Now, who the hell does she think she is exactly? Throwing herself at John and stuff like that! “Alcohol turned me into someone else” might be a nice excuse when you are 21, but some 25 years later, one would expect you know how to handle your liquor. But Regina saw the kiss. Awwwwww! What are we gonna do now!? She’s gonna torment herself for a couple of episodes and she will finally tell Kathryn and all hell will break loose. The sad part here is, they will move past it. Don’t get me wrong, I love John & Kathryn, (can I call them JK from now on?) but for the sake of a good drama. 

I have a confession to make. Tank has become my favourite character on the show. BUT HE HAD TO HAVE A CRUSH ON BAY! You have ruined everything I was happy for this season! Besides, does Bay have to go through every single guy on the show? No, no, no, no, they absolutely must stay friends! He is so thoughtful and helpful and sweet and like the brother she never had. Okay, she has Toby, but you see what I mean. Hahah, and that ridiculous beer glass cut! What was that!? It’s just a cut, but by the way everyone reacted, I see a Grey’s Anatomy crossover in the near future.


Yeah, otherwise “Go Bay!”, for that Pratt recruiter won’t recommend you without a few field hockey injuries. But we all wish you luck. * wink wink*

xoxo (too much? maybe I will just do a different line every time)



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