The Following a.k.a. What was that?

Wow! Wow! Wow! Where do I begin!? Lily has more than just two creepy kids. She saw the Luke and Mark were different (Sam Underwood is perfect times two) so she surrounded them with like-minded people, ahem, a family of serial killers. Also, she is not their birth mom, so I bet she has shagged Luke. Ugh. Very much ugh. Did you see the way he was touching her? And Mark’s expression at that point… well, they are twisted enough, so I won’t be too surprised. 

A romance in the brewing, Max and Mike, oh, that’d be so awesome, don’t you think. I mean, he was so sweet and came to warn her and he was trying to help them and the fact that she was a bitch to him only proves my point. They are gonna be so cute together! Plus, I dare you to find a proper nickname for this couple! Hah, I am pretty sure the writers come up with names with the sole idea of impossibility to combine them in mind. But nothing left to talk about on this topic so far.

Moving on to the lady who helped Joe and her… ex wife? who just so happens to be leading the investigation of the Cult. I am way too flabbergasted to even begin to imagine what that relationship is like. Do they know? I mean, does the FBI whatsherface lady know about her lady friend and Joe? 

But the most WTF scene was the reunion of Joe and Emma. I am sure it was intended to be heartbreaking, I just found it amusing. She cried so hard. So hard! I hope she uses waterproof mascara, otherwise her face would’ve been an ugly picture. So much black! These days Emma is like an angry teenage kid who has lost her daddy is acting out to make her (she killed her mom, but you see my point) crazy. 

All things considered, last thing I have to say is this Giselle. She is so annoying. The show doesn’t need her at all. I vote that Max kills her on the train and this is all over and done with.


The pic is not really related to what I was saying, just Kevin Bacon looks so hilarious in it. 

Okay, okay, sadly, there is not much to talk about in a serial murder mystery, because everything is given kinda in a very chopped up way to keep us in front of the TV, but this was a good one.

So follow my blog for the next recap. You see what I did there? Of course you did, it was the worst pun in the history of puns. 


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