The Following: Happiness is creepy, Just like clowns are creepy.

Well… Joe finally shaved that hideous monstrosity of a beard. Emma got rid of the punk-rock chich attire, Luke is jealous of his mommy and Joe, and, now this is my favourite – Emma said that everybody in the Grey family is crazy. Ain’t that rich coming from her! Also, there seems to be some worldwide conception that everyone with the last name of Grey is twisted in one way or another. I think you know what I’m saying. 

In the meantime, that annoying Giselle was caught by Rayn and Max. Jeez, she is so cute, makes me sick. Twisted, twisted people. So, anyway, Ryan wants to kill Joe, newsflash. Max is not happy, yet another newsflash. Lily hates Emma, wow, so many newsflashes! I am going blind. Mark, on the other hand, likes Emma. “Hah, you have such a big heart, dear.” Weirdly enough, I think his mom might be on to something. Of the entire family, Mark seems to be the only one even remotely… uuurm… human? For the lack of better word.

By far, one of the best moments in this episode was when Ryan almost strangled Giselle. Good go, Ryan! The way she was chocking, ah, music to my ears.

 Also, you can’t touch Mark. What? Yeah, he went a little crazy there when he and Emma were about to kiss. (Painting, posing, it was cute.) He has some kind of a phobia, so he is the only one who can initiate contact. Okay, seems like a legit problem. Pity, he’s cute. So Emma, being Emma, touched him, BIG TIME, called him a nutjob and tried to get away, only to find out they are locked. Oh, well, “mother doesn’t want to be disturbed.” That explains it all. Again, I have to say how impressed I am by Sam Underwood, it is uncanny how different his Luke and Mark are. 

On a more… or is it less? cheery note, Lily has a torture room. How fitting. And in this room, apparently designed to be Joe’s new office of sorts, there is a cage. And in the cage, there is a girl. Yeah, I know. Like a bird in a cage. Joe didn’t like it too much and for a short, glorious moment there, I thought he was going to kill her. And then he didn’t. Next time, maybe? Please.Turns out he just doesn’t want to be controlled. Well… does anyone, really? 

Ryan was running, hurt, walked into a house, scared the hell out of the woman, Luke and Giselle came, Giselle is dead, moving on. Luke is… sad? Is it possible that this sociopath really cared enough for another human being, even if it is Giselle? I guess we all have our weaknesses. 

Back at Happy House, Joe goes into the special room and for a brief second it looks like he is gonna let the girl go. But no. Tchaikovsky is on the radio and the girl is on the surgery table. And she just has to look Joe in the eyes while he is… doing whatever it is he is going to do. At this point I get the feeling that yet another scene from the show is going to make my “Top 10 gruesome things I have seen on TV”. 7/10, just goes to show. But no.

Remember how the FBI was in the story. Yeah, me neither. In fact, if it weren’t for Shawn Ashmore (agent Weston, that is), I’d say to hell with the Feds. They have found something, like, they are maybe two episodes behind. Keep up…., oh, no, that was a line from Castle. Sorry. Still, they gotta seriously up their game! Just to mention, because apparently the youngest agent is always the most competent, Weston does understand that Joe is alive. That’s right, FBI, he is alive. 

Back after the murder that we didn’t get to see *sadface* like, we knew Joe gets a real kick out of killing but the hook-up that followed was like o.O wut? Yeah, by the way, Lily, I am talking about Lily. We see Luke in the car, crying over Giselle’s body, Mark sleeping, while Emma is painting (I was starting to miss the latter two). She touches him, OMFZ, and we see the face on the finally finished portrait. Are we surprised it is Joe? No? Me neither. 

P.S. Max is fine. Ryan is fine. And a touching moment follows, where an uncle hugs his niece as in realization of the danger he has put her in and in relief that she is alive. It was beautiful.

Well, till next week, guys, in the meantime enjoy this picture of Sam Underwood. Image

Beautiful, beautiful man.


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