The Following and the disgusting hook ups

Good morning, Mark. And how did you sleep? Oh, yeah, that portrait is not you, it’s Joe. Back at home, there are voiceS coming from Luke’s bedroom. I know! I should knock on the door. Cause it’s not weird. Not at all. Naturally, Luke opens, kinda naked, all: “Take the hint, bro. I’m shaggin’ Giselle’s dead body.” Good grieve, it is disgusting!

Ah, Agent Weston, nice to see you again. Lookin’ good. Btw, here’s a photo of Joe, he is alive, someone swapped the DNA samples and the FBI is finally up to speed. Also, there seems to be a mole in the Bureau. Okay, bye now.

Meanwhile, Ryan is getting stitched up by Max and it looks like he’s gonna have to finally call the Feds. And Weston is on the other end of the line. “Quick, come, call Homeland, Intelligence, S.W.A.T., the Police, the Bureau, (did I miss anyone?)” Also, Mike, Lily does not only have twins. There’s a whole lot of weird kids in that house. International house of psychos, as Joe mildly put it.

Speaking of the Devils and they doth appear. Snuggling. Naked. Pillow talk. Ew. She has a plan. Joe has one, too. You ain’t going to Venezuela, sorry Lily. 

Mom, Giselle is dead, Ryan killed her, I wanna kill him, moving on. No, Luke! Goes Lily, all alfa female, pretty scary, too. We gotta go, the FBI is going to find us. 

Uncle Ryan, I know Mike. When he shows up at the motel, he expresses the concern that the Bureau is compromised. Like, biggest plot twist in TV history! But Ryan has a plan (and it is terrible), but they go along with it anyway. Mike is being a gentleman, letting Max out the door first (still hoping that this hook-up will happen, it’d be so cute). Oh, and the plan? Capture Luke and trade him for Joe. Less is more, I guess. So, the plan works, Weston knocks him unconscious. Kind of just FYI, Luke thinks Max’s lips are perfect. More inappropriate remarks: I squirm at the thought of killing you and doing things to you. I’m beginning to suspect that there is something wrong with this guy. So naturally, Mike being the gentleman we already know that he is, gives him a black-eye. And another one. And how can this guy make such a disgusting gesture (yeah, I’m talking about the blown kiss) so hot?

Meanwhile, Emma has just been made aware that the whole house was shaking last night. Needless to say, she is not too happy about it. 

Hey, hi, Lily, it’s Ryan. Luke can’t come to the phone right now. I’ll give him to you, you get Joe. Or else. So she drugs ol’ Joe and they’re at the drop-off, well, it’s not Joe. Hah, so nothing really happens, except for that awesome moment when Mike stabbed Luke a couple of times before letting him go. 

Back at crazy house, Emma suspects that something is wrong. So she and Mandy set off to find Joe, who is drugged in Lily’s bedroom. They revive him and… the Russian’s got a gun. Consequently, she is stabbed and nearly dead when they leave. Ryan, however, is at the house and kills Sammy (one of the creepy kids), which pretty much leaves us with Underwood’s twins, which is also kinda awesome. So, Ryan sees Joe off and Joe is giving him that “so close, yet so far away” look. Better luck next time! So Radmila has enough life left in her to tell Ryan where Joe is headed (how convenient) and he is off. Sidenote: Kevin Bacon looks hilarious when he runs.

Okay, so there’s a race to the airfield and the Grays are getting screwed over by Joe’s little party of three. Luke is almost killed by Mike, boy, this guy has more than just nine lives! Good for him, though. So, at the airstrip Joe receives a call and they do not board the plane and the Feds, always behind, swarm the place to find the jet empty but the poor, unsuspecting pilot. Well, turns out Weston was right after all. There is a mole in the Bureau. 

On that note, here is a pic of Shawn Ashmore. Enjoy! 



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