Nashville’s Crazy

Well, this episode was certainly worth it.

As much as I am keeping my fingers crossed for a big-time death by the end of the season (I’m looking at you, Scarlett, for being unable to do anything for the show, but provide a most annoying character), I felt really sorry for her. Dat mama! Apparently, instability really runs in your DNA, cause Beverly mom is crazy, we all know about Deacon’s problem and now Scarlett is a drug addict. Oh, I can’t wait to see how the latter will turn out. Also, she got drunk before going on stage, no surprise there, followed by a traumatic breakdown, which was quite frankly terrifying. For the first time since the show started, I felt something other than disgust by her personal traits. And with that, I’m gonna close the first part of the review. Bleh.

Do you guys remember that cute British Charlie character, that shagged our favourite Juliette? Well, he’s back, a knight in shining armour, there to save Miss Barnes’ career, pulling some strings, nothing all that unexpected. Of course he kissed her, but she pushed him away, cause she loves Avery. Even I went all “aw, you go, girl” at this point. Charlie then kinda maybe tried to hit on Scarlett, Avery got pissed, a fight started, Juliette got mad and all that. Moving on.

Maddie Claybourne. Her video had gone viral and Mama James forced her daddies into an interview with Robin Roberts (I love that woman), explaining the whole paternity story, hoping that things will get better for her girls. Sidenote here, it was kinda awesome watching Rayna scream at a reporter to not touch her baby girl. Very Mama Bear of her. Kudos. Later we see her and Deacon talking, being very open about the way things turned out and thinking of what it could’ve been, both giving some arguments about doing what’s best for Maddie. By the way, I am siding with Rayna on this one, Deacon never should’ve put her in this position in the first place. 

And finally, Gunnar receives a check for a loooot of money, more than 400K, and being all sweet and boyfriend-y, he bough Zoey studio time for her to record a demo. Which, in turn, got her the opportunity to go to LA and meet with some music people there. Gunnar was not happy, needless to say, and offered her that she stayed in Nashville, quit her job and he would take care of her. And she was all “I don’t want a sugar daddy.” This is where feminism got it wrong, if Gunnar had offered me the same, I would’ve jumped though the roof, all happy and excited. But no, Zoey has to stand on her own two feet. Don’t let that one get away, girl, you’re gonna regret it. 

Well, long time no write, but if I had to review every episode of every show I watched, I’d be left without fingers, so see ya when I see y’all 😉


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